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Mud Proportioning System

MPS 1000

Riserless Drilling – Pump and Dump – Mix on the Fly


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The Flow Process Technologies patented Aqua Shear Mixer has been successfully incorporated into the most compact, efficient, reliable system available for “Mix on the Fly”/ “pump and dump” fluid cut-back operations. 

Rapid, efficient mixing of weighted mud with seawater and CaCl, to the precise fluid density, assures maximum mud performance, reduced casing sets, and optimized production.

  • Compact 3’ X 5” footprint (or smaller)!

  • Efficient mixing provided by field proven Aqua Shear Mixer

  • Non-contact magnetic type flow meter means no clogging and greatest reliability

  • Precise, linear metering and low torque actuation control valves (NOT ball valves)

  • Experienced personnel with global availability




Mix on the fly

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